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Practitioners are so busy helping , you don’t have time to manage your clients, appointments, invoicing, & grow your practice. Don’t overpay for an EMR or try to manage everything on paper.


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Base Camp​

Your Complete HIPPA Compliant EMR Platform.
Everything you need to launch & grow your practice!
$ 20
Monthly (Paid Annually)​
  • No Group Surcharge, No Fees, No Shenanigans!
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Client Portal​
  • 100 Monthly Text Reminders​
  • 300 Monthly Email Reminders
  • Customizable Intakes - eSignable in Client Portal​
  • Automated Invoice, Receipt, & Superbill​
  • Goal Management & Progress Charting​
  • Pre-Built Note Templates
  • Load Previous Note with 1 Click!
  • Online Payment Processing (Coming Soon)​
  • CEU Tracker​
  • Mileage Log
  • 1-to-1 Virtual Walkthrough & Training​

Experience Enhancers

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Unlimited Email & Text
Appointment Reminders
Unlimited Email & Text Appointment Reminders
  • Enhancement Description: 100 text & 300 email appointments reminders are included per provider per month. Get unlimited reminders for larger caseloads.
  • How Appointment Reminders Works: A text & up to 3 emailed appointment reminders may be sent per appointment. Reminders automatically sent (including recurring).
    • Select when reminders will be sent: Immediately after scheduling, 24 hours prior to start, 1 hour prior to start, and/or when an appointment is revised
  • Do I Really Need it?: Depends.
    • Example: A 15 client/week caseload (60 sessions/month) utilizes 60 text messages & 60 - 180 emails. Well within your subscription & plenty of room for rescheduling notifications.
    • Example: A 30 client/week caseload (120 sessions/month) utilizes 120 text messages & 120 - 480 emails. Here is where the enhancement is necessary.
  • Cost: Enhance your experience with unlimited appointment reminders for $5/month per provider.

    Important: Embark EMR will NEVER hinder your business operations. Exceed the allocation? That's OK! As your practice grows, it may be time to upgrade. It's not track utilization. You & your client is prioritized over a couple dollars & you shouldn't worry about measuring superfluous things.

HIPAA Compliant
Secure Messaging
HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging
  • Enhancement Description: Secure end-to-end encrypted messaging between you and your clients.
  • How Does it Work?: Two columns in "Client Manager" (Home Page ->"Clients"). Easily view unread messages for clients and access the messaging window to send securely communicate. Clients access Secure Messaging via the Client Portal to respond. Notification frequency/method can be managed from the Profile. Messages are retained for 90 days.
  • Cost: Enhance your experience with HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging for $7/month per provider.

Unlimited HIPAA Compliant
Document Storage
Unlimited HIPAA Compliant Document Storage
  • Enhancement Description: Secure location to store external documentation within your client's profile. E.G. x-rays, doctor letters, paper evaluations.
  • How Does it Work?: Stored within the "Documents & Templates" tab of your Client's Profile, documents can be securely transferred to the client via the Client Portal. The client can upload documents for your access.
  • Cost: Enhance your experience with Unlimited HIPAA Compliant Document Storage for $10/month per provider.

Independent research indicated the actual EMR average cost is >$95/month per person.

Embark EMR saves a 5-person practice >$4,500 per year!

Don't overpay for a complex EMR, get everything for $20/month!​

Embark EMR is on a mission to empower practitioners with effective tools at a justifiable price​

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Using design thinking and human centered design, Embark EMR delivers a unique combination of simplicity and functionality

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Designed for Therapists!​

How might we create a full featured HIPAA compliant EMR at a price-point achievable by new and small practices??

We’ve challenged every cost to develop Embark to give you a purpose-built tool at an incredible price.  Embark EMR’s low cost enables you to eliminate paper notes and save $1,000s/year!

Embark was designed with therapists to optimize usability & simplicity.

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