Build a Thriving Practice

With a robust & disruptively affordable EMR for practitioners designed for therapists, by therapists

*Full Functionality 14-Day Trial
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Autistic Owned Small Business

Empowered practice management

Scheduling made simple

Streamlined Billing

Rapid documentation

Is an EMR even necessary?

Empower your practice with the power of data-driven decision making. With automated attendance tracking and streamlined documentation, you can gain valuable insights into your client interactions and run a connected practice with confidence.

Automate, Connect, and Succeed

Embark EMR also helps you manage your practice leads, so you can grow your business and reach even more clients. With real-time analytics, you can track the success of your practice and make informed decisions to help it thrive.  Plus, Embark is designed with security in mind, so you can be confident that your client’s information is protected at all times.

Improved Quality of Life for Providers

And it’s not just patients who benefit from Embark EMR. Healthcare providers also enjoy a better quality of life with our practice management system. By simplifying the process of managing client records, Embark EMR saves providers time and reduces the risk of burnout. Providers can focus on what really matters – delivering exceptional care to their clients.

Better Outcomes for Clients

Experience the extensive research-backed benefits of Embark EMR, from improved client outcomes to streamlined practice management. With all your client’s health information securely stored in one convenient location, you’ll have more time to focus on providing the highest level of care. Stay organized, never miss an appointment or crucial information again, and rest assured that your clients’ data is always secure with Embark.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your private practice to the next level. Switch to Embark EMR today and experience the difference for yourself. Your clients, and your practice, will thank you!

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Ditch the Manual System

Designed specifically for mental & physical health professionals, Embark EMR’s founders, a speech therapist & an engineer, understand the ins & outs of operating as an entrepreneurial practitioner. A key to business success is keeping overhead low, in particular software costs. Yet this historically expensive tool, EMR software, that helps you stay organized and effectively run your business. Embark EMR was created to bridge this gap for our own practice and now your practice.


Embark EMR delivers all the essential tools, without adding unnecessary “extra features” resulting in a complex & expensive experience.

Empowered practice management

Streamlined Billing

Scheduling made simple

Rapid documentation

Justifiable tools for an efficient practice.
Try it free for 14 days.

Embark EMR offers a cost-effective, all-inclusive plan designed to meet the needs of most healthcare practitioners. With its comprehensive features, it provides everything needed to establish and expand a thriving practice. For those with more specialized requirements, customizable add-ons are available, so you only pay for what you need, without any unnecessary expenses.​

Client Portal
Goal Tracking
Note Transfer
Mileage Log
Authorization Tracking

Simplicity Starts with a Single Plan


per user per month*
Paid annually**

* A user is any provider or admin needing access to the practice’s account within Embark EMR.  Billing representatives do not need a license, and therefore are free to add to your practice.

** Embark EMR costs $20 per month per user and is paid annually ($240 per year).  Currently, a month-by-month payment plan is not available.  The reason for annual payments is to ensure your peace of mind that you will never be charged more and there will be no ‘surprise’ charges.


New Practices:  For practices less than 3 months old and having less than 10 clients are eligible for the Embark EMR Startup Program.  The program provides 3 months free, so you can focus on growing your practice and not worry about spending your limited resources.

Enhance your experience

Description: 100 text & 300 email appointments reminders are included per provider per month. Get unlimited reminders for larger caseloads.

How it works: A text & up to 3 emailed appointment reminders may be sent per appointment. Reminders sent automatically(including recurring).

  • Select time to send: At scheduling, 24 hours prior to start, 1 hour prior to start, and/or if the session is revised

Do I need it?: Depends.

  • Example: 15 clients/week (60 sessions/month) utilizes 60 texts & 60 to 180 emails. Well within your subscription notifications.
  • Example: 30 clients/week (120 sessions/month) utilizes 120 texts & 120 to 480 emails. The enhancement would be needed.

Cost: $5.00 per month per provider.

Note: Business operations won’t be hindered because you owe $5.00… As you grow, eventually you may need unlimited reminders. When that happens, we’ll just send you an email.

Enhancement Description:  Secure location to upload and store external documentation to your client’s profile. E.G. x-rays, doctor letters, paper evaluations.

How Does it Work?:  The “Documents & Templates” tab in a Client’s Profile, you may upload, store, & securely transfer scanned documents to the client via the Client Portal. The client also can upload documents to send back to you.

Cost: $10.00 per month per provider.