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How to Utilize the Client Goal Bank

Empower your practice with collaborative goal-setting. As a practice admin, you can establish and customize goals accessible to all providers, streamlining client progress. Providers can create, modify, and select from a shared library of predefined goals, ensuring unified and effective client development strategies. Set, assign, and manage client goals effortlessly, fostering a collaborative and focused therapeutic environment.

How it works

  1. Add Goals: Add new goals using the button above. You may also edit or delete existing goals without impacting goals already deployed.
  2. Adding Goals to Client Profiles: When adding new goals to a client, you may select a standard goal from the goal bank and then customize that goal if need to fit the client’s specific need. Goal can be added from the Client Profile or from an evaluation for the Client.
  3. Goal Tracking: Goals added to an appointment note can be assigned a “Completion Percentage” which will be tracked within the Client Profile for a quantitative look into client progress.

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