Embark EMR Update Log

This log details the features and major bug fixes that have been added to Embark EMR.  Have an idea for a new feature? Or have you encountered a bug that needs fixing?  We’d love to hear from you!  Submit your idea in the New Feature Request form, and we will get right to your request.

March 10, 2022

New Features
    • Added details page to the Accounting and billing summary.
    • Removed automated session price editing code.

March 8, 2022

New Features
    • Added “Plan of Care Start Date” to the Patient Service Authorization Information.
    • Plan of Care Start and End Date added to the header of all note templates
    • Removed the “Select” field from the goals table so that “Ongoing” is now the default selection.

March 6, 2022

New Features
    • Customizable patient profile fields
      • Added the ability to edit the shown medical history fields within the Practice Manager
      • Selected fields within the practice manager will appear in the Patient Profile as well as in the intake documentation in the Patient Portal.

February 28, 2022

New Features
    • Added ‘Legal Gender’ as a new element to the patient details for insurance billing.

February 27, 2022

New Features
    • Removed the top heading from the ‘Templates’ section
    • Added character counter for ‘General Note’ Template within the ‘Templates’ section
    • Added Patient Name and DOB to the header of the notes generated by PDFs within the appointments and daily notes section and the Templates section.
    • Added the option for 5 diagnoses to be added to a patient’s profile.  All of these diagnoses will be reflected on the patient’s daily note, other templates, and superbills.
    • Practice logo added to the header of the superbill

February 18, 2022

New Features
    • Added ‘Late Cancellation’ as an appointment status option.

February 13, 2022

New Features
    • Added ‘Prior Authorization Number’ to the Patient Service Authorizations tab within the Patient Profile
    • Added 5 options for Diagnosis and Diagnosis Codes to the Patient Profile
    • Removed the features from the left had column in the ‘Appointments & Daily Notes’ Tab to allow for more width and focus within the daily note.

February 7, 2022

New Features
    • Increased the logo image size from 1 MB to 5 MB

February 4, 2022

New Features
    • Users can now securely transfer documents to clients through the patient portal

January 29, 2022

New Features
    • Across the EMR, made the patient’s name and provider name [First Name] + [Last Name]
    • Subtle layout upgrades to the Templates Section
    • Removed “Add Service Code” from the appointment calendar to reduce appointment note size.

January 27, 2022

New Features
    • Updated user interface on the provider landing page.
    • Slightly revised the Speech & language evaluation template
    • Redesigned the consent form page to remove coded formatting from showing when a user pastes their data into the form.
    • Added Plan of Care Expiration to the Patient Manager
    • Added search by dates to the mileage log
    • Add the ability to sort the Provider Notes table in Practice Performance by date.

January 22, 2022

New Features
    • New template available within the Templates section of the Patient Profile labelled “Evaluation – Speech & Language”.

January 15, 2022

New Features
    • Updates to Patient Portal
      • Adjusted password change field within the patient portal – changed to new table.
      • Reconfigured the patient profile tab and intake paperwork process for better user experience.
      • Changed patient portal access button
      • Made the Patient Profile tab automatically expand by default

January 14, 2022

New Features
    • Add updated CMS codes to the Place of Service Code list within notes.
    • Adjusted the layout of the daily note to save space.
    • Patient Booking widget added to appointment calendar.  Providers can embed the booking widget in their webpage for prospective clients to directly book appointments.

January 12, 2022

New Features
    • Corrected issue within Patient Manager to properly update the “Number of Sessions Remaining” for clients.
    • Added “Number of Weeks Remaining” to Patient Manager.

January 10, 2022

New Features
    • Expanded width of the accounting and billing tab.
    • Added start and end dates for filtering within the accounting table.
    • Added “Total Amount Paid” at the bottom of the accounting table to aggregate the total amount received.

January 9, 2022

New Features
    • Set up automated emails to be sent to patient when provider updates consent documentation.
    • Changed site tagline from “precedence” to “precedent”
    • Changed “Previous Mental Health Treatment” within the patient portal to “Prior Treatment History”.
    • Added “Domestic Partnership” as a Marital Status Option
    • New fields added to Appointments & Daily Notes:  Start and End times, Patient Physical Location, and new codes added to Service codes list

January 8, 2022

New Features
    • Major Update:  Consent Forms & Documentation
      • Six new fields and instructions added to the practice manager to store consent documentation.  Each of these fields are pre-loaded with verbiage practitioners can use as a baseline for their practice.
      • Ability to check a box and send updated consent documentation to the patient portal.
      • New tab added to patient portal with consent documentation.  Patients can review consent forms and electronically sign.  Once complete, the esignature, date, and IP address are stored.

January 6, 2022

New Features
    • “Country” Added as a new field for practices.  Added to practice start-up form and practice  details.
Bug Fixes
    • Not all evaluations are showing in the new “Additional Templates” tab.  Added old Evaluations table to the UI while the bug is resolved.

January 5, 2022

New Features
    • Increased the number of email appointment reminders from 100 to 300 per month, and updated references made through EMR.
    • Added multiple new how-to videos to the Embark EMR YouTube channel and linked videos in the How-To section.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWHCrIo8-TQ-rA8I3CSutlw

January 4, 2022

New Features
    • Added Insurance Start and End Date fields for primary and secondary insurance within the patient profile.
    • Removed the ability to collect payments during practice sign up for the two week free trial.
Bug Fixes
    • Corrected issue where the Clinician was not being shown in the Patient Manager

January 3, 2022

New Features
    • Updated the “Edit Note” template behind the button on the calendar.
    • Added sections to the Practice Profile for users to begin logging their consent and disclosure forms.  These forms will be attached to the patient intake forms as an option for onboarding new patients.
    • Logging of patient signature and date added to the Patient Profile.  When a client signs a consent document/form, the patient name and date signed will be recorded.
    • New page created:  Patient Consent Disclosures will contain the electronic forms and disclosures for patients to review and electronically sign.

January 2, 2022

New Features
    • Removed navigation menu from patient notes form
    • Adjusted calendar to include “Discipline” at the top of the appointment notice, and remove heading.  Removed extra spacing within calendar to make view more compact.
    • Added the ability to schedule a “Non-Client Meeting” in the calendar.
    • Removed the ability to edit notes and view note status from the “View all appointments tab.
    • Added the ability to individually and bulk edit the appointment time within the “View all appointments tab.

December 30, 2021

New Features
    • Upgraded firewalls and security to protect against malware and DDOS attacks.
    • Removed redundant field from “One Page EMR”

December 25, 2021

New Features
    • Redesigned “extra” templates within the patient profile section.  Combined the following tabs: Progress & Discharge Notes, Evaluations, General Template.  Removed duplicate tabs.  Fix will provide simplicity and additional features to come.
    • Added new fields to the “Add New Patient” form:  “Diagnosis Code” and “Diagnosis” can now be collected at patient intake.

December 18, 2021

New Features
    • New “Miscellaneous” section added
    • Mileage Log added for providers to track their mileage and generate a report for the entire practice.  Located within the “Miscellaneous” tab.
    • Corrected plugin security issue that caused 404 not found error on some EMR pages.

December 18, 2021

New Features
    • Updated the UI and organization of the Practice Manager section.  Added a floating side menu to increase ease of navigation

December 15, 2021

New Features
    • Moved “Practice Quick Reference” section to be located within the Practice Details.
    • Removed the “Practice Quick Reference” section from the new practice startup process.

December 12, 2021

New Features
    • Moved “Practice Quick Reference” section to be located within the Practice Details.
    • Removed the “Practice Quick Reference” section from the new practice startup process.

December 11, 2021

New Features
    • Added floating menu to the Patient Details tab for quick ‘jumping’ to each of the sections on the page.
    • Launched beta version of a compressed version of Embark EMR.  Access to test the single page system available in the main menu ribbon.

December 3, 2021

New Features
    • Changed calendar format from monthly view to weekly view.  This speeds up page load times and provides easier viewing for dates later in the month.
    • Added “Separated” as a marital status within the patient profile.
    • Combined the right and left hand columns within the patient profile into a single datapage.
    • Added floating navigation box to the patient profile to navigate the now longer page.

November 21, 2021

New Features
    • Added additional due diligence around phone numbers to ensure proper format is entered.  This will increase likelihood of automated text messages.

November 18, 2021

New Features
    • Combined form and report for CEU tracking.  Added additional fields to report.
    • Removed report for New Feature Request

November 16, 2021

New Features
    • Updated Evaluation template
      • Adjusted the header tables to fit together and reorganized inputs for clarity.
      • Changed provider name from “last, first” to First Last.
      • Added “Evaluation Index” field picker to enable users to select the desired fields to be included within the evaluation

November 12, 2021

New Features
    • Removed “Modifier Present” and “Amount Due” From notes and service selection.
Bug Fixes
    • Repaired issue where the text on a pdf generated report appeared too small within some browsers.

November 6, 2021

New Features
    • Add feature to detect if user’s browser has cookies disabled or is browsing in incognito mode.

November 3, 2021

New Features
    • Removed chart and form from Patient Goals tab.  Form integrated into the goals table.  This enabled greater width for usability of goals section.

November 2, 2021

New Features
    • Changed “Client Portal” button to “Client Access to Patient Portal” and made the button larger to make more obvious for new users.
    • “Potential Client” added as a new patient type to “Add New Patient” and “Patient Portal” sections
    • Referral tracking fields added to “Add New Patient” and “Patient Portal” sections.
    • Users can now Delete a patient from the “Patient Profile” section.  Use with caution…

October 30, 2021

New Features
    • Updated Daily Notes
      • Changed the note selector from drop down to a list box
      • Added ‘Evaluation’ as an option to the notes
      • Enabled the Assessment text box to be available with Evaluation.
      • Changed Caregiver Training/Out of Session Objectives to Out of Session Objectives.
    • Added an “unsubscribe” to the Provider profile to unsubscribe from notifications.
Bug Fixes
    • Corrected issue where PDF report generation made text within the report a small font.

October 27, 2021

New Features
    • Added “Do Not Reply – Unmonitored Inbox.” to the automated text message sent to clients.
    • “Units” added as a new field to practice service codes.  This will help improve billing quality.  Units have been added to Notes, Superbills, and within the Practice Manager to specify.
Bug Fixes
    • Corrected bug where appointment note would not show when clicked from the calendar
    • Corrected bug where session codes were not being shown on the table below the input form.

October 22, 2021

Bug Fixes
    • Corrected multiple issues with user interactions on the “Add Service Code” widget.

October 16, 2021

New Features
    • New add-on now available within the subscription and member management section.  users can now add unlimited email and text appointment reminders – previous limit is 100/month.
    • Additional security measures added to database administration.
    • Added “Note Status” to the calendar view.
Bug Fixes
    • Removed second logo from Invoice report after report is generated.
    • Removed Doctor/Physician sign off field from the General Template.

October 14, 2021

New Features
    • Cleaned up the format of the sections within the patient profile. Removed backgrounds, added dividers, etc.
    • Changed the auto-log out time limit from 1 hours to 2 hours.
Bug Fixes
    • Corrected issue where the password recovery option would not recognize provider emails.

October 12, 2021

New Features
    • Calendar Redesign.  Updated the layout of appointments within the calendar.  Added two new buttons to edit appointment note and add service codes.
    • A new standalone page was created just for notes.

October 11, 2021

New Features
    • A field for provider credentials added to the provider profile.  This field will automatically populate newly added fields in the following forms: Appointments & Daily Notes, Progress & Discharge Notes, Evaluation, and General Note templates.
    • Updated layout of appointments within the calendar
Bug Fixes
    • Corrected redirection issue in the patient portal where clients were not redirected to home screen after logout.

October 7, 2021

New Features
    • Users can now elect to send text and email updates to their clients when updating an appointment. Within your calendar, click “Edit Appointment”, once finished editing, you can add a text or email to alert your client.
    • Redesigned appointment scheduling tool (Both the main scheduling tool and the tool within the patient profile have been updated)
    • Users can now schedule recurring appointments from the main appointment scheduling tool.  Recurring appointments can be scheduled for weekly and biweekly sessions.
    • Tabs within the “Patient & Appointment Manager” moved from vertical to horizontal tabs across the top for better visibility.

October 5, 2021

New Features
    • Increased width of Patient Goals Tracking chart, and limited max of y-axis to 100.
    • Added “Developmental History as a field within the Patient Details section.  Added to Progress Notes and Evaluation forms to be automatically displayed if completed.

October 4, 2021

Bug Fixes
    • Removed rich text editing experience from Appointment Notes form, as this was causing a bug in the PDF generator.  Will add back once bug is resolved.
    • Reduced the text box height within appointment notes to make note completion not so overwhelming.
    • Moved labels within the appointment note to improve page layout and size.

October 3, 2021

New Features
    • Eliminated the New Progress Note form. New notes can be added by utilizing the embedded form in the progress note table.  This provides additional width space to expand the progress note while completing the details.
    • Adjusted formatting within the Patient Details section for better organization.
    • Streamlined appointment scheduling tool
    • Ensured header menus remained on one line for multiple resolutions.
    • Updated the formatting for Receipt and Invoice generation

October 2, 2021

New Features
    • New note type added to Appointment Notes:  DAP Notes now available.  DAP = Data, Assessment, Plan
Bug Fixes
    • Schedule new appointment tool now has stacked attachment uploaders for better visibility

October 1, 2021

New Features
    • Added line separators to various locations within Appointment Notes to help better organize data.
    • Significant feature addition to Appointment Notes!  Users are now able to select a template to utilize for their notes and customize what fields will display.  Current Note template types:  General, General + Training, SOAP, SOAP + Training, General + SOAP + Training

September 29, 2021

New Features
    • Paperless intakes are here!  A checkbox has been added to the “Add New Patient” form.  When checked, an email will be sent to your newly added patient for them to complete their intake paperwork.  New patients will create a password for their account, and login with their newly created credentials. This will provide the patient access to the intake paperwork to be completed.  Once completed, the information will be automatically updated in the patient’s profile.
    • New pages added: New client login, new client intake form.

September 28, 2021

New Features
    • Updates to Scheduling an Appointment
      • Users can now upload up to 3 files to an emailed appointment reminder.
      • Changed how email reminders are sent to ensure file attachments are included.  File attachments will be included on the first appointment reminder only.
      • The patient discipline will be automatically filled out if the discipline in the patient profile is completed.
      • Updated user interface.
    • Updates to Patient Details
      • Discipline is now a field at the top of the Service *& Billing Details section.
      • Moved Service Location Details to above payment information
      • Added details (Hint) to the discipline and service location fields.
    • Updates to Patient General Template
      • Added Note Type to the search table and to the details of the note template.
      • Slightly adjusted formatting
      • Removed “Plan of Care” title from page. Added  “General Note Template”

September 26, 2021

Bug Fixes
    • Updated plugins to correct color of site tabs not displaying.
    • Changed the names of some of the tabs in the Patient & Appointment Manager for better readability and display on screen.

September 25, 2021

New Features
    • Advanced text editor added to the Evaluation form text boxes.
    • Added the ability to hide the physician sign-off and cleaned up the formatting/layout on the Evaluation form
    • “Place of Service” names and codes as referenced by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare services are now included within appointment notes and the superbill (Including superbills generated within the patient portal).
    • Appointment status added to the top line of appointments within the calendar.
    • Adjusted width of tabs on Patient & Appointment Manager section to allow for better visibility of calendar.

September 23, 2021

New Features
    • Updates made to the Appointment Session Note Form:
      • Addition to the Subjective section of a radio button selection for “engaged and responsive,” “varied engagement,” and “no engagement”.
      • Addition to the Plan section of radio button selection for “Continue POC or strategies,” “Modify POC or strategies,” and “Discontinue POC or strategies”. (POC = Plan of Care)
      • Changed “Check – Were the goals for the session met?” to “Was the client able to materially participate in all planned objectives for the session?”
      • Table of Diagnosis and Diagnosis codes added to the header.
      • Goal completion percentage selection changed from radio button to dropdown to better fit on screen
      • New section added: Caregiver Training / Out-of-Session Objectives
      • Changed the width of elements for better fit on various screens
      • Adjusted the formatting and layout of the note
    • Changed the title of the “Plan of Care” tab to “General Template”
Bug Fixes
    • Corrected issue where excessive email appointment reminders were sent.
    • Corrected the “Discipline” field not showing up in session notes.

September 22, 2021

Bug Fixes
    • Corrected issue where email appointment reminders were sent at the wrong time.

September 19, 2021

New Features
    • Update made within the “Accounting & Billing” section.  A new tab was added, “Generate Receipt”, that enables providers to issue receipts to their users.  Additionally, this feature has also been added to the Patient Portal for self service.
    • For scheduling a new appointment, changed the default selection for the AM/PM radio button from AM to PM to save click.
    • Added additional suggested specialties to specialty listing.
Bug Fixes
    • Corrected issue where the practice logo would appear stretched on the progress note page.

September 18, 2021

New Features
    • Patient details fields within evaluation and progress notes pages will be automatically hidden if left blank.  Note, these feilds are still updated via the patient details.
Bug Fixes
    • Issue with evaluation page not optimized for mobile experience corrected
    • Issue with Appointments & Daily Notes page not optimized for mobile experience corrected
    • Issue with Progress & Discharge Notes page not optimized for mobile experience corrected
    • Issue with Plan of Care page not optimized for mobile experience corrected

September 14, 2021

New Features
    • Auto sign-out adjusted to 1 hour
    • There is now an option within the session notes to add a single text box for your assessment instead of goals in case you do not need to use goals in a session.
    • The link that previously said ‘Add/Edit Note’ was kind of a misnomer, so it has been changed  to ‘View/Edit Note’.

September 9, 2021

New Features
    • New clarifying statements and calculations added to the subscription and license check-out page.
    • New Feature!  Users now can enable a document storage widget available within the patient profile
      • Added “Document Storage” as an addon to be purchased along with licenses.
      • Redesigned database to accommodate storage of large documents
      • Add new tab within the patient profile for “Patient Documents”
    • New button available on “Subscription & Member Management” page enabling users to upgrade their account and add available add ons.

September 5, 2021

New Features
    • Added rich text experience to Progress Note templates
    • Modified format of headers throughout website.
    • Removed grey background from features on the provider landing page.
    • Added the ability to assign goal completion progress by 5% deviations instead of 10% deviation.

September 3, 2021

New Features
    • Added a “Rich Text Editing” experience feature to the “General Notes” and “Communication Notes” elements within the Patient Profile.
Bug Fixes
    • Corrected issue users experienced when resetting their password to access the Patient Portal

September 2, 2021

New Features
    • Completed and released Patient Portal.  Patient Portal goes live initially including read only access to the patient’s contact details, and write access to emergency contact and physician information.  The portal also enables the patient to view their notes, generate invoices, and generate their own superbills.
    • Added checkbox to “Appointments & Daily Notes” form within the add/edit note section to “Release Note to Patient”
    • Design UI changes: Changed background from grey to white.  Removed shadow box from buttons.

September 1, 2021

New Features
    • The calendar is no longer a weekly view, but users are now able to view all appointments within a monthly calendar.
    • Added label for “Your Practice’s Logo” to the Practice Manager and in the workflow when creating a new practice.
    • For the “Plan of Care” template:  Relocated the labels from LEFT to TOP of each element. Removed “Plan of Care” from each of the labels for simplification and to enable a more generic template.  Added an Advanced text editor experience to the details text box.
Bug Fixes
    • Removed “Service Codes” from the “Edit Appointment” menu

August 31, 2021

New Features
    • Added section within the patient profile to capture and store patient preferred payment information.
    • Users can select a “Goal Completion Percentage” within their session notes.  These values will be displayed within a chart on that Patient Goals tab.  Users can track over time how their client is progressing toward their goals.
Bug Fixes
    • “Date Updated” Column removed from Patient Goals table for better resolution on smaller screens

August 29, 2021

New Features
    • Removed waves in the background of site to improve cleanliness and readability
    • Added “Preferred Pronoun” as a new field within the Patient Profile.
    • Added space for patients to add contact details for a second parent/guardian.
    • Users can now assign a Patient_ID to a client within the Patient Profile
Bug Fixes
    • Corrected issue where clients would still receive text messages and emails for appointment reminders even though these fields were disabled by the provider when scheduling the appointment.
    • Corrected issue with affiliate discount.
    • Adjusted “Previous Mental Health Treatment” within the Patient Profile to “Prior Treatment History”.
    • For the “Note Status Overview”, ensured that no future appointments were counted in the graph.  Added text details to charts within this page to explain details how the values are calculated and may be used.

August 27, 2021

New Features
    • Updated user interface across site

August 18, 2021

New Features
    • Added feature to mark an evaluation note as “Complete” or “In Progress”.  All existing evaluations defaulted as complete.
    • Updated formatting and cleanliness of Evaluation form
    • Integrated a new Goals widget to the Evaluation form.  Users may now add client goals directly to an evaluation, and these goals will be automatically linked to the client goals section.

August 17, 2021

Bug Fixes
    • Repaired issue for users to download their entire practice data with 1 click.  Added better filtering capability (patient and provider).
    • Adjusted the goals functionality within the Progress Notes section to ensure the “Baseline” field appears properly.
    • Corrected redirection issue where users might be redirected after login.  Added additional instructions to login screen for users to enable Cookies.
    • Corrected issue for new practices when creating a practice, multiple practices showing in selection box instead of a singular practice

August 13, 2021

New Features
    • Moved field labels for scheduling a new appointment above the input fields so the boxes don’t run off the screen for users with lower screen resolutions (E.G. ipad)
    • Goals that appear in the session note drop down menus now filter out any goals that have been “Met” or “Discontinued”.  Therefore, only “Ongoing” goals are displayed in the dropdown.
    • Added a rich text editing experience to all text boxes within the Daily Notes form.
    • Removed “Practice Name” and Provider Name” in body of Daily Note form, as this is duplicated information.
    • Added location directly to calendar page; if the location is a hyperlink, the link will be clickable and the link will open in a new window.  Made text on calendar smaller to better organize data.
Bug Fixes
    • Added “Discipline” as an editable field in the Daily Notes form.
    • Aligned the fields within the daily note so the end doesn’t run off the screen.  Affects users with lower resolution/not wide screen display.

August 12, 2021

New Features
    • “Required Session Duration” time field can accept any text value instead of only numbers.  This to allow you to enter a range or number of units instead of just minutes.
    • Modifier code added to superbill for each session billed.
    • Patient diagnosis code field within the patient profile previously was able to accommodate 255 characters.  This updated to accommodate up to 64,000 characters.
Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue where session codes would not show up on input table.
    • Limited field width for Appointment Description in Superbills to prevent table from moving off screen

August 11, 2021

New Features
    • “Discipline” field added as a search field on the “Appointment and Daily Notes” form.  Changed from text search to drop down.
    • “Reason for Seeking Treatment” added to the “Add New Patient” form for initial intakes.
    • The Generate Superbill feature used to display all appointments for the patient regardless of if they had been paid.  This datapage has been updated to only reflect the appointments for which the client has paid the bill.  Best practice states for providers to only issue superbills for appointments once they have been paid for.
Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue where session codes would not show up on input table.

August 8, 2021

New Features
    • A 3rd automated email appointment reminder will now be sent 1 hour prior to appointment start.  Action is enabled by default in the appointment scheduling tool.
    • Check boxes added to appointment scheduling tool to enable/disable automated texts and emails sent to client.
    • Provider Name and NPI are now automatically added to the header for Session Notes.
    • A chart displaying the daily usage of each session code added to “Practice Performance” section.  This chart automatically aggregates the current week’s usage of session codes in case users have limits on the amount of codes they’re able to book per day.
    • Adjusted button border radius from 15 to 10.
    • Adding session codes is now easily located in a separate popup window within the patient profile6
Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue where “Blank” patient types were shown on “Patient Status” chart within Practice Performance area.
    • Changed the names of the filter fields within “View Historical Appointments” to reflect correct “Name” titles instead of “ID”
    • Addressed values not showing on invoicing and superbill generation

August 5, 2021

New Features
    • Users are now able to attach multiple session codes to an appointment.  Change made to “Schedule New Appointment” form – upon submission, users are directed to a 2nd table to add session notes to the appointment.  Additionally, users have the ability to add the session codes directly within the session note.
    • During appointment scheduling, field added to state the “Discipline the client is being seen for” for the session.
    • When a Session Note is marked complete, the Appointment Status is now automatically marked as complete.  This saves the user extra steps from needing to mark both as complete.

July 31, 2021

New Features
    • For the “View Historical Appointments” table, users may now dynamically sort each column by clicking the column.  Records are sorted in reverse chronological order by default.  Users may also download a excel or PDF file of the table results with 1 click.
    • Dynamic sorting of header titles added for Appointments and Daily Notes section within the Patient profile.
    • Patient Goals:  Add long term and short term goals to a patient’s profile.  This new differentiator will also be shown on Session Notes and Progress Notes.
    • Users can add up to 10 goals per session note and within a progress note.  Additionally, new feature added to select how many goals will appear within the note.
    • Added additional patient details to the progress notes template
    • Redesigned the header for session notes, progress notes, evaluation, and plan of care templates.  This change automatically adds the practice and provider information to the header when generating reports.
    • Increased the number of characters for Goal’s Baseline and the Practice “About” section from 255 to 64,000.
    • Patient medical details from patient profile added to evaluation as an automated text field.
    • Appointment location added as a field within the superbill – automatically populated from the appointment.
    • Advanced text editor added to evaluation text boxes.
Bug Fixes 
    • Fixed a bug on the Refer and Earn portal where provider referral code was not appearing
    • Repaired issue where the provider name was not appearing on emailed appointment reminders.

July 30, 2021

New Features
    • Filter by non-paid invoices in the Accounting & Billing chart
    • Expanded the capabilities of the Evaluation form by adding fields for limitations, goals, recommendations, and current status.  Also added the rich text editor to the fields within the evaluation uploader.
    • Fixed a bug on the Note Status chart within the Practice Performance area

July 19, 2021

New Features
    • Added a 2nd appointment reminder for new appointments.  Now, reminders will be sent at the time of appointment scheduling and 24-hours prior to appointment start.
    • Updated reminder email format to make more readable.
    • New field added to appointment scheduler to attach links to external forms a documents.  These documents will be attached to the automated email appointment reminder.
    • Users can download a receipt after purchasing a license to utilize Embark EMR.  Added within the “Member & Subscription Management” tab within the Practice Manager section, receipts for purchases can be accessed from the Purchase History table at the bottom of the page.

July 16, 2021

New Features
    • A location for “General Notes” and “Patient Communication Notes” added to patient demographic section within the patient profile.
    • Upload an image to “Evaluation” and “Plan of Care” forms now enabled.
    • Invoices and Superbills now only show sessions in the table that have been marked as “Complete” or as “Patient No-Show”
Bug Fixes
    • Various minor bug fixes

July 14, 2021

New Features
    • Ability to reference “Weeks Remaining in Authorization Period” available in “Service Authorization Summary”.
    • Fields to input patient primary and secondary insurance information are available in the patient profile.
    • Created new website, www.TherapyCurrent.com, as a therapist directory to generate additional client leads for Embark EMR subscribers.
    • Fixed issue where waitlisted patients would not appear in patient manager.

July 3, 2021

New Features
    • Can now download evaluation and plan of care data.
    • Added patient demographic information to the headers of downloaded session notes and progress notes.
    • Automated invoice and superbill generation added.  Create superbills and invoices at the click of a button.  Available in the Accounting and billing section.
    • If an appointment is cancelled or the patient no-shows, the session note will be automatically marked as “Complete”
    • Various minor bug fixes

June 27, 2021

New Features
    • New sections available within patient profiles:  Create evaluations and plan of cares for a patient.
    • Ability to track service authorization details now located in patient profile.  Additionally, aggregated details are available to sort and filter upon prior authorization sessions, end date, and re-evaluation data are located within the patient manager table.
    • Added “Allowed Amount” as a value within the “Practice Accounting Summary” table.
    • Fixed issue where patients weren’t being sorted by last name in the patient manager.

June 21, 2021

New Features
    • Added visualization charts to appointments & daily notes and goals tabs within the patient profiles.
    • Able to download all data associated with you practice added to the practice manager.
    • Ability to sort and filter within patient goals.
    • Section for “Practice Quick Reference” added to the patient manager.  This allows a section to securely store practice insurance coverage information and contact details.
    • Various minor bug fixes

June 18, 2021

Embark EMR initial release

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