Time-Saving and Cost-Reduction

The EmbarkEMR platform leverages design thinking to identify the core “jobs to be done” by a practitioner. By focusing solely on these specific jobs, you get a low-cost, simple, and fully functional experience.


Simplified Scheduling

  • Therapist-centric calendar design for maximum decision support.
  • Schedule new appointments with auto-filled client preferences.
  • View all upcoming and past appointments.
  • Charted tracking of client cancellations, late-cancellations, and no-shows.
  • Automated lookups and tracking of prior-authorization status

Rapid Documentation

  • Prebuilt and flexible templates for session notes, progress and discharge notes, and evaluations. 
  • Good Faith Estimate template (GFE) customizable for each client.
  • Manage client goals and charted tracking of client goal-completion progress.
  • Load previous note with 1-click to slash documentation time.
  • View account summaries for each client or by practitioner.

Streamlined Billing

  • Generate invoices and receipts.
  • Automated superbills.
  • Graphically track outstanding payments and collected revenue.
  • Low fee credit card processing (coming soon).
  • Insurance claim submission (coming soon).

Empowered Practice Management

  • Add unlimited clients.
  • Visually see appointment data, such as client information and provider notes.
  • Mileage log for all providers with auto-generated reports.
  • Therapist-centric practice management with business liability insurance quick reference and customizable services, codes, and pricing that automatically appear on notes.
  • Automated tracking of prior authorizations with colored alerts. Track the number of sessions remaining, units remaining, and weeks remaining.
  • Employee profile (“file”) for license and certification tracking.
  • Leverage live metrics, including appointment attendance, case load, and financial impact to the business.
  • 100% customizable consent documentation eSignable for Client Portal that comes prefilled (if you need a starting point).

Enhanced Client Experience

  • Client portal with customizable intake documentation and eSignable consent forms.
  • Client portal branded to your practice.
  • Clients can generate their own superbills, invoices and receipts, saving you time.
  • Simplified “portability” HIPAA requirement with one-click note and document transfer.
  • HIPAA-compliant client-to-provider secure messaging.
  • Keep clients up-to-date with automated appointment reminders.

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