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The General Note template in Embark EMR offers a flexible and powerful tool for documentation when specific structured notes aren’t required. This template acts like a HIPAA-compliant word processor, allowing healthcare providers to freely format text and capture a wide range of information. This article will guide you through the steps to create, use, and manage a General Note within Embark EMR.

Creating a General Note:

  1. Navigate to the Client’s Profile:

    • Begin by accessing the profile of the client for whom you want to create a note.
  2. Initiate Note Creation:

    • Click the “Create New” button located in the top left menu of the client’s profile.  From the dropdown, select “General Note.” Alternatively,
    • You can also access this feature through the “Documents & Templates” section of the client’s profile by clicking the “Add New” button.
  3. Configure the Note:

    • Once the dialogue box appears, perform the following:
      • Select Template: Choose “General Note” from the dropdown menu.
      • Date: Specify the date for the note.
      • Title: Provide a clear, descriptive title for the note.
    • Click “Add” to create the note template, which will now be stored and accessible in the “Documents & Templates” section.

Using the General Note Template:

  1. Access the Note:

    • Navigate to the “Documents & Templates” section and select the General Note you created.
  2. Compose the Note:

    • The General Note template features a large text box where you can enter and format your text. Utilize this space to document any necessary information that doesn’t fit the structure of other specific templates.
    • This flexible environment is ideal for detailed descriptions, narrative accounts, miscellaneous observations, or any other documentation that requires free-form text.
  3. Sharing and Signing the Note:

    • Release the Note to the Client: If you wish to make the note accessible to the client via the client portal, select the option to release the note to the client.
    • Request Client E-Signature: You can also request an electronic signature from the client, which adds an extra layer of confirmation and engagement.
    • Provider E-Signature: Before finalizing the note, ensure you sign and date it electronically at the bottom of the template to validate its contents.
  4. Save Updates:

    • Once all information is entered, and signatures are in place, click the “Update” button to save the changes and securely store the note in the client’s record.


The General Note template in Embark EMR is a vital tool for situations where unstructured, detailed documentation is necessary. It provides the flexibility required to capture comprehensive and varied information in a secure, organized manner. By following these steps, healthcare providers can ensure that all pertinent data is effectively recorded and readily available for future reference.

Tip: Make frequent use of the formatting tools available within the General Note template to keep your documentation clear and well-organized. Regularly updating and reviewing notes to reflect the most current information will enhance the continuity and quality of care provided to your clients.

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