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Not ready to have the extra expense of an EMR?  Prices of traditional EMRs can seem extremely daunting, and this is why we created Embark EMR as a Benefit Corporation!  For just $20/month, you can get full access to all the security and operational benefits of Embark EMR.  However, if you’re still not ready, we’ve got your back!  Get access to our Free Sheet-Based Practice Manager to launch and grow your practice.  Embark is here to lower barriers for practitioners to provider excellent mental and physical health services and justify the cost of the tools needed to provide better patient care and work-life balance.  We are prioritizing this mission over taking extra profit.

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About Embark EMR

In 2016, Shelby Nation and Maeci Evans launched SpeakIndy in Indianapolis, IN.  SpeakIndy is a private Speech and Language practice.  Costs were high in the early days with getting a website, insurance, and office space, so this dynamic duo couldn’t afford the astronomical expense of an EMR.  Shelby’s husband, Cory Nation, is an entrepreneurial and curious mechanical engineer with experience developing innovative mechanical and software systems for the department of defense.  Cory saw the prices EMRs were charging as unjustifiable and decided to build a system within Google Workspace to enable SpeakIndy to take off!  After 4 years of iterating on the original solution, other practices began to request our system.  After enough requests, we knew there existed an opportunity in the market for a low-cost, yet effective, electronic medical record software.  And thus, Embark EMR was born!

Research for Embark EMR began March 2021 by interviewing dozens of practices throughout Indiana to determine all of the decisions made during the operation of a practice.  Cory then mapped 100s of decisions, prioritized them based on usage and importance, and began developing a decision support system.  This is how Embark EMR works, our goal is to enable your practice to intelligently make decisions for your practice by displaying all necessary information in a clear and simple user interface.  In June 2016, Embark EMR becomes available to the public!  Ever since our initial release, Embark continues to grow.  We maintain a list of 100s of ideas from our users on ways to make Embark an even more effective platform.  Do YOU have an idea for improving Embark? We’d love to hear from you!  Connect with us at

Embark employs NO pushy sales representatives and our mentality to enable your practice to launch and grow at a pace you’re comfortable with.  So utilize this sheet-based practice manager or join Embark EMR today!  Every new practice automatically comes with a free 14-day trial.


About the Sheet-Based Practice Manager

The first step to utilizing the sheet-based practice manager is ensuring the security of your environment.  If you’re utilizing your personal computer, have bitlocker installed to encrypt your hard-drive, and ensure it is always stored in a secure location, as there is no backup – this is the most insecure method of storage.  If you’re utilizing Google Workspace.  To get started with Google Workspace, see this related post – Setting up Your Email and Google Business Ecosystem.

The Sheet-Based Practice Manager is split up into multiple tabs,

  • Client List:  A location to store all of your clients and their PHI.
  • Provider List:  Location to store a list of providers within your practice, their information, and details
  • Service Billing Detail List:  This is where you store the services you practice offers.  Each of these services will be available for selection within a dropdown in the schedule and payment summary tab.
  • Schedule & Payment Summary:  A full list of all your appointments.  This tab is where you’ll track your appointments and the payments collected towards the services you’ve offered.
  • Client Goals:  Location to store the goals for each individual client.  First, select a client’s name from the drop down, and then add the goal.
  • Client Session Notes & Milestones:  There is space within this tab to store notes for the appointments.  Available is a column for General notes and SOAP notes.


Start utilizing Embark EMR to enhance your practice

In conclusion, Embark EMR offers a comprehensive and affordable solution for managing patient records in your private practice. With our free 14-day trial, you can experience the simplicity and security of our system without any risk or commitment. Our pricing is unmatched in the industry, at only $20 per month per user with no additional fees. Plus, you can rest assured that your patients’ data is protected with our state-of-the-art security measures. Don’t hesitate any longer, start leveraging Embark EMR for your practice today and see the benefits for yourself!

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