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Stepping into the world of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) doesn’t have to be a giant leap. We get it — the price tags on traditional EMRs can make your head spin. That’s exactly why we founded Embark EMR as a Benefit Corporation, offering all the perks of a premium EMR for just $20 a month. But if you’re not quite ready to dive in, no worries! We’re here with a safety net: our Complimentary Sheet-Based Practice Manager, designed to help you start and scale your practice without the costs.

Embark is dedicated to breaking down the barriers for practitioners to provide exceptional mental and physical health services. We believe in equipping you with the right tools for top-notch patient care and a balanced work life, without pinching your pockets.


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The Journey of Embark EMR

Back in 2016, Shelby Nation and Maeci Evans set out on a mission with SpeakIndy in Indianapolis, IN — a private Speech and Language practice. In the scramble to afford a website, insurance, and a physical space, the sky-high costs of EMRs were just out of reach. That’s when Shelby’s husband, Cory Nation, a mechanically-minded innovator, decided to craft a solution within Google Workspace that propelled SpeakIndy forward.

After refining our original system for four years and sparking interest from other practices, it was clear: there’s a demand for an affordable yet powerful EMR. And so, Embark EMR came to life!

Starting in March 2021, we embarked on a research journey, interviewing dozens of Indiana practices to understand their decision-making processes. Cory mapped out hundreds of these decisions, prioritizing them to develop a decision support system that now defines Embark EMR. Our vision is to empower your practice with the ability to make informed decisions effortlessly, supported by a straightforward and informative user interface. In June 2016, we proudly unveiled Embark EMR to the world.

Our growth is a testament to our users’ trust. We constantly update our idea bank with hundreds of user-driven suggestions to make Embark even more robust and intuitive. Got an idea to share? Drop us a line at — we’re all ears!

Here at Embark, you won’t find any aggressive sales tactics or exhoribitant high prices and fees. We’re all about nurturing your practice’s growth at a pace that feels right for you. Whether you opt for our sheet-based practice manager or hop on board with Embark EMR, you start with a free 14-day trial to discover what works best for you.


Navigating the Sheet-Based Practice Manager

Before diving into the Sheet-Based Practice Manager, it’s crucial to prioritize the security of your data. If you’re on a personal computer, ensure that BitLocker or a similar tool is activated to encrypt your hard drive. Remember, your device should be kept in a secure place since this method lacks automatic backup, presenting certain risks.

For those using Google Workspace, you can bolster security significantly. Get the lowdown on setting up your practice’s digital environment with Google Workspace in our handy guide – ‘Setting up Your Email and Google Business Ecosystem.’


The Sheet-Based Practice Manager’s Features

Our intuitive manager organizes information across several tabs:

  • Client List: Safely store your clients’ Personal Health Information (PHI) and access it with ease.
  • Provider List: Keep track of your practice’s providers, their contact details, and professional information in one central location.
  • Service Billing Detail List: This is the repository for the various services your practice offers. When scheduling, these services can be quickly selected from a dropdown menu, streamlining your billing process.
  • Schedule & Payment Summary: View and manage all appointments here. This comprehensive tab not only helps in scheduling but also in tracking payments received for the services rendered.
  • Client Goals: Dedicated to documenting and tracking each client’s therapy goals. Simply select a client from the dropdown menu and input their objectives.
  • Client Session Notes & Milestones: Record detailed notes and significant milestones for each session. The tab is neatly divided for general observations and SOAP notes, facilitating organized record-keeping.

This Sheet-Based Practice Manager is a practical tool for those not quite ready for a full-fledged EMR. It’s thoughtfully designed to manage your practice’s essentials while keeping simplicity and security at the forefront.


Start utilizing Embark EMR to enhance your practice

In conclusion, Embark EMR offers a comprehensive and affordable solution for managing patient records in your private practice. With our free 14-day trial, you can experience the simplicity and security of our system without any risk or commitment. Our pricing is unmatched in the industry, at only $20 per month per user with no additional fees. Plus, you can rest assured that your patients’ data is protected with our state-of-the-art security measures. Don’t hesitate any longer, start leveraging Embark EMR for your practice today and see the benefits for yourself!

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