Getting Started With Embark EMR

Embark EMR was created utilizing Design Thinking Methods while working right alongside therapists to maximize productivity and simplification. We followed and mapped the operating process of multiple private practices to determine what decisions they were looking to make and what information is needed to make that decision.  Embark EMR combines all of these decisions into a single easy-to-use tool.

Getting started

  1. Create a free provider account: Your provider account gives you the ability to create a profile, track your continuing education units (CEUs), and the Refer-and-Earn portal where you can share your link and earn extra cash while giving your friends 50% off the Embark EMR platform.  Creating a profile is quick and simple, just head to to get started.
  2. Start Your Own Private Practice: Getting started is easy with Embark.  Click the “Start New Practice” button on the center of the home page to start a new private practice.  The next page will guide you through creating your practice; these features will be used to customize your experience as well as feature your practice on the “Find a Practice” search page!

Steps to Forming Your Private Practice,

  • Fill in the basic information about your practice (Name, logo, website, About, Etc.), input your office location, and select your specialty(s). To select more than 1 specialty, hold the CNTL button on your keyboard and click additional options.  Don’t see your specialty on the list?  Add it with the tool on the right side of the page.
  • Next, select your newly created practice from the list. There will likely be just one, so click “Access My Practice” to complete the setup.
  • Create the services your practice offers by filling out the provided blanks for Name, Procedure Code, Required Session Duration, and the Cost. This information will be used later when you create appointments and will simplify your workflow by automatically extending your selections to the billing and invoicing sections.  Additionally, when you create an appointment, the system will remind you of how long that service should take.
  • This next section is optional but is an area many providers have found valuable. The Practice Quick Reference Area provides a location to store valuable information for your insurance carriers (policy number, company name, and the contact phone number).  Just in case you need it, you now have a safe place to store it!
  • Lastly, time to pay for Embark EMR. Luckily for you, our price is the best in the industry, and you have multiple payment options with PayPal and Stripe integrated.  A license to use Embark EMR is billed annually, not monthly; this enables us to keep prices lower (an annual fee for Embark is still less than a monthly fee for many other EMRs).  Not ready to buy?  No problem!  Every new practice comes with a free 14-day free trial.

Running Your Practice

  1. Add New Patients: Right from your practice home page, using the tabs on the left-hand side of your screen, you can add new patients.  Fill out this basic information to quickly add a patient, more details can be added later from the patient’s profile.  We found when you meet a new client, you want to get them scheduled as quickly as possible, so the information entered here will enable you to set a new appointment.
  2. Schedule an Appointment: On the left side of your practice home page, the tab on the right enables you to add a new appointment.  Select the patient and service from the dropdowns and then add the date and times.  For the location, you can either add the physical address or your virtual meeting information.  Once you hit submit, the appointment is saved to your Embark Calendar and appointment reminders are sent to your patient for the selected option (Text and/or Email).  For confidentiality and HIPAA security reasons, no identifying information of your Patient is communicated in these appointment reminders.
    • Text Message Appointment Reminder Sample:

You have an appointment with [Provider Name] on [Day], [Date] at [Time].
Location:  [Your Inputted Location]

    • Email Message Appointment Reminder Sample:

This email is to confirm your appointment with [Provider Name] on [Day], [Date] at [Time].
Location:  [Your Inputted Location]

PLEASE NOTE:  Email is NOT a secure medium of communication.  Therefore, confidentiality of email messages cannot be assured.  The information in this email message may contain confidential, proprietary and/or legally privileged information intended only for the use of the individual(s) named above.  If you, the reader of this message, are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you should not further disseminate, distribute, or forward this email message.  If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the original.

  1. Add Patient Goals: From the Patient Manager, click “View Patient Profile” for the desired patient.  From the patient profile, navigate to the Patient Goals tab.  Adding goals is simple, just type the goal in the box on the left and click submit.  Once complete the goal will appear in the patient’s chart and future session notes for easy reference.  Edit and mark goals as complete by clicking “Edit” in the goals table.
  2. Add Patient Session Note: For every appointment, a template for a new session note is automatically created, so you won’t miss a single update.  To add a new session note, click “Add/Edit Note” from the appointment history & Daily Notes table.  Embark EMR utilizes the widely used SOAP note style (SOAP = Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) plus a blank field for general session notes.

 Once you’ve completed the session note, mark the note as “Complete”, and this will serve as your digital signature.  Additionally, you can mark a note as “In Progress” as a signal to come back and complete the note.

  1. Invoicing & Billing: By clicking “Invoicing and Billing Summary”, we help you keep track of all administered services and appointments along with their associated financials.  Easily keep track of how much was billed for a service, the amount allowed by a patient’s insurance (if applicable), and how much was paid and when.  This assisted method of record keeping is also available to download as an excel file or PDF with just 1 click!

Start utilizing Embark EMR to enhance your practice

In conclusion, Embark EMR offers a comprehensive and affordable solution for managing patient records in your private practice. With our free 14-day trial, you can experience the simplicity and security of our system without any risk or commitment. Our pricing is unmatched in the industry, at only $20 per month per user with no additional fees. Plus, you can rest assured that your patients’ data is protected with our state-of-the-art security measures. Don’t hesitate any longer, start leveraging Embark EMR for your practice today and see the benefits for yourself!

Welcome to Embark EMR

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