Introduction To Electronic Medical Records

What is an EMR?

An electronic medical record (EMR), sometimes referred to as electronic health record (EHR), is a digital twin of a patient’s paper chart making storing, organizing, and editing patient health records much easier and more efficient.  EMRs contain real time, patient-centric records that make information readily available for authorized users in a secure fashion.  In a therapy setting, your EMR organizes everything about your patient by storing the static data like patient’s personal details, medical history, and reason for seeking services.  The true power of an EMR comes with dynamically creating and managing patient goals, daily notes, and progress.  An EMR organizes your workflow and removes the need to record notes and goals in paper-based patient records.

Advantages of an EMR include,

  • Enhance providers’ ability to provide high-quality care
  • Provides organization to your practice
  • Promote care coordination
  • Reduces cognitive workload on provider
  • Promotes data liquidity (digitally monitor patient’s progress over time)
  • Facilitate digital and mobile patient engagement
  • Improved patient retention through appointment reminders (Reduction in no-show)
  • Easy tracking of invoicing and patient billing
  • Access patient data securely anytime and anywhere

What Does an EMR Contain?

An EMR contains patient health information such as,

  • Administrative and billing data
  • Patient demographics
  • Progress notes
  • Medical histories
  • Diagnoses
  • Medications
  • Allergies

An EMR also contains a digital record of your patient’s progress and history within your practice such as,

  • Goals and goal performance
  • Appointment booking and reminders
  • Session notes and progress made toward a goal
  • Summary of course of treatment and CPT codes

Convenience and Efficiency

When any healthcare or administrative team works by utilizing physical papers and records, sorting and searching through those papers becomes a natural part of working life. Not only is this slow and cumbersome, but it is also time-wasting, reducing productivity you and your team could better use elsewhere; every hour wasted is an hour you could have spent with a patient. Finding needed information on digital systems is much easier, often taking only a few clicks, saving time and effort.  All of this convenience and efficiency ultimately leads to better quality of life for you and better service quality for your patients.

Storage Costs & Security

All the papers and folders that make up a physical records system also take up a lot of space. You have to buy file cabinets and shelving systems to accommodate this system, that cost not only money, but also space in your business. Floor space can be utilized more effectively such as storing medical supplies and equipment, by going digital instead, or you could save money by not requiring such a large space for your practice.  In addition to wasted space, you also have security concerns in the case of a break-in. In order to be HIPAA compliant, you must employ physical measures, policies, and procedures to protect your patient’s information including.  Paper records are easy to lose, easy to accidentally destroy, and potentially easy to steal.  Managing client data on your work computer imposes security risks from viruses and malware, in addition to physical hardware degradation/crashes.  Through utilizing an EMR, all patient records are securely stored and backed up in the cloud, so you have zero physical space requirements.


Democratization of cloud technology and enhanced security of this current digital age has empowered the digitification and simplification of industries across the world. Embark EMR introduces a pragmatic system at a very affordable price by leveraging state-of-the-art cloud technology, design thinking, and design for lean six-sigma.  Embark EMR has slashed the cost of an EMR from its conception by focusing on the real needs of therapists, counselors, and providers, resulting in overhead and operational cost savings that we can now extend back to you!

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