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Embark EMR offers a cost-effective, all-inclusive plan designed to meet the needs of most healthcare practitioners. With its comprehensive features, it provides everything needed to establish and expand a thriving practice. For those with more specialized requirements, customizable add-ons are available, so you only pay for what you need, without any unnecessary expenses.​

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Simplicity Starts with a Single Plan


per user per month*
Paid annually**

* A user is any provider or admin needing access to the practice’s account within Embark EMR.  Billing representatives do not need a license to access the practice, and therefore are free to add to your practice.

** Embark EMR costs $20 per month per user and is paid annually ($240 per year).  Currently, a month-by-month payment plan is not available.  The reason for annual payments is to ensure your peace of mind that you will never be charged more and there will be no ‘surprise’ charges.

New Practices:  For new practices less than 3 months old and having less than 10 clients are eligible for the Embark EMR Startup Program.  The program provides 3 months free, so you can focus on meeting with clients and not spending your limited resources.

Enhance your experience

Description: 100 text & 300 email appointments reminders are included per provider per month. Get unlimited reminders for larger caseloads.

How it works: A text & up to 3 emailed appointment reminders may be sent per appointment. Reminders sent automatically(including recurring).

  • Select time to send: At scheduling, 24 hours prior to start, 1 hour prior to start, and/or if the session is revised

Do I need it?: Depends.

  • Example: 15 clients/week (60 sessions/month) utilizes 60 texts & 60 to 180 emails. Well within your subscription notifications.
  • Example: 30 clients/week (120 sessions/month) utilizes 120 texts & 120 to 480 emails. The enhancement would be needed.

Cost: $5.00 per month per provider.

Note: Business operations won’t be hindered because you owe $5.00… As you grow, eventually you may need unlimited reminders. When that happens, we’ll just send you an email.

Description:  Secure end-to-end encrypted messaging between you & your clients.

How it works:  Easily read and send messages to your clients from the ‘Client Manager’ section for secure HIPAA compliant communication.

Clients can send, receive, and respond from the secure Client Portal. Manage notification preferences your Profile.  Messages retained for 90 days.

Cost: $8.38 per month per provider.

Enhancement Description:  Secure location to upload and store external documentation to your client’s profile. E.G. x-rays, doctor letters, paper evaluations.

How Does it Work?:  The “Documents & Templates” tab in a Client’s Profile, you may upload, store, & securely transfer scanned documents to the client via the Client Portal. The client also can upload documents to send back to you.

Cost: $10.00 per month per provider.