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The “Support Contact Details” section allows you to efficiently manage and organize contact information for individuals who support your clients, such as parents, guardians, doctors, or other therapists. Within this section, you can view and update a comprehensive table containing the names, contact information, and roles of each support person. You have the flexibility to categorize these contacts as family, professional, or other, according to their relationship to the client.

For professional contacts, you also have the option to record their national provider number, enhancing the accuracy and usefulness of the information stored. This feature ensures you have all necessary contact details at your fingertips, facilitating seamless communication and support coordination.

Add New Contact

New support contacts can be added by clicking the button in the top right hand corner.  You can select from Family, Professional, and Other.  All values are optional, and you can enter the contact’s full name, relation to the client, email, and phone number.  For professionals, you may also add their national provider number and fax number.

There is a checkbox at the bottom of the modal to mark a contact as the client’s emergency contact.

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