What’s So Special About Embark EMR?

Our goal with Embark was to deliver everything a practice needs to run and grow, but at a justifiable price. So far, we’ve implemented >200 new features requested from our users. A chief complaint a lot of folks have on larger EMR companies is the customer service. As a small business, it is imperative that you have an efficient and productive experience with Embark – therefore, we’ll do everything possible to make sure that happens!
🌠Here’s a few features that are more specific to Embark that others don’t have,
  1. A way to track sessions remaining towards a prior authorization. You can see how many sessions have been completed, how many sessions remain, and how many weeks remain in the authorization period
  2. An integrated mileage log that tracks mileage for your entire practice
  3. EVERYTHING from templates and notes, to superbills and the patient portal is branded to YOUR practice. This ensures your clients have a consistent experience with you.
  4. Easy organization for parents of siblings. To my knowledge, EVERY other system requires clients to have a unique email, meaning if you see siblings, the parent has to come up with another email to see their child’s information in the Patient Portal. Embark enables multiple clients to be logged under the same email!
  5. Superbills are not only automatically generated, but they can also be generated by your client! That means you don’t have to create another single superbill!
  6. CEU Tracker for every provider.
  7. Access to ALL your practice’s data at ALL times. With SimplePractice, you have to (Somehow) get someone on the phone to get a copy of any of your data. Embark enables easy access to all data with just a few clicks.
  8. Automatic inclusion in multiple practice directories. Not only is this a way for your to give/receive referrals, but it also gives your website an SEO boost!
  9. Secure location to store your practice’s liability insurance information for quick reference (In the unfortunate event you need it…)
  10. Ability to transfer licenses between providers. Meaning, if someone leaves your practice, your don’t have to buy another license for the replacement! (This helps a lot if you have rotating students in your practice)
We built Embark for our own practice, so all the little annoyances and tasks that might come up have been integrated. We’ve paid very close attention to detail. You can definitely look at price being a prime differentiator, but there’s a lot more!

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