Automated Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and enhance client communication with automated appointment reminders

Fully Automated Notifications

Enhance client attendance with our automated appointment reminders, sent via text and email to ensure your clients are  ready for their upcoming visit


Reduce No-Show Rate

Research shows that 1 or 2 text message reminders to clients with a high risk of not showing up for their appointment reduces no-show rate by 11%


Hard Coded Error Detection

Our error detection system checks clients’ contact information is valid and alerts practitioners of any discrepancies before scheduling, ensuring reliable delivery of appointment reminders.

Appointment Reminders Based on Research

Research indicates that appointment reminders can significantly reduce no-show rates in healthcare settings. For example, a study at Kaiser Permanente Washington found that sending one or two text message reminders to patients with a high risk of not showing up for their appointments could reduce no-show rates by 7% for primary care visits and by 11% for mental health visits. The study did not find significant changes in same-day cancellations for mental health visits but did find a decrease for primary care visits, highlighting the potential for targeted reminders to improve attendance and optimize healthcare resources

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