Client Portal

Empower your clients with a dedicated portal for scheduling, communication, and document access

Paperless Intake

Collect all of your client’s demographic informaiton and medical history online.  All done prior to your first session.

Consent for eSign

Send your client your consent forms for review and electronically sign all within the client portal prior to your first appointment.

1-Click Documentation Sharing

Simply check a box on your client’s document, and it can be securely and instantly transferred to your client.

Automated Superbills

Superbills are automatically populated with your client’s information, your practice information, and session/service details.

Secure Client Management

A fully electronic and secured paper trail for enhanced comfort your client’s information is safe yet remains accessible when needed. 

Request eSignatures

Have a document you need signed?  Easily accomplished through the client portal.  Your client can receive documentation and securely sign it.

Seamless Documentation Creation & Secure Client Sign-off

Empower your practice with the ability to create comprehensive documentation and securely transfer files to your clients in a read-only format. This feature allows clients to review and electronically sign documents, streamlining the approval process and enhancing your practice’s efficiency and client trust.

client portal view documents1

Automated Superbill Generation: Empower Clients, Reduce Provider Workload

Revolutionize the reimbursement process with our automated superbill feature. Our software seamlessly aggregates all necessary information, creating a professional document that your clients can independently generate without any intervention from providers. Streamline your operations and enhance client autonomy, all while ensuring a hassle-free reimbursement experience.

superbill template