Flexible Scheduling

Effortless booking and time management solutions tailored for your practice’s needs. Streamline your scheduling process with our intuitive calendar interface

Integrated Calendar

You’re greeted with a simple weekly calendar view right when you open Embark.

Recurring Appointments

Set up an appointment 1x and have that session reoccur weekly or biweekly automatically

Decisions at Your Fingertips

Quickly see detail around appointment status and note status, then instantly open your note right from the calendar

Automated Reminders

Appointment reminders are quickly configured and automatically notify your client of their session 1, 2, or 3 times!

Non-Client Appointments

Block off your calendar with non-client sessions to ensure your schedule doesn’t get over booked with other life or practice duties.

Attendance Analytics

Automatically view client attendance analytics for multiple reasons including no-show, client cancellation, late cancellation, and more!

Streamlined Calendar and Scheduling

Experience hassle-free scheduling with our intuitive system, where appointments are neatly organized in a weekly calendar view. Each appointment is detailed with all necessary information to conduct a successful session, allowing providers to instantly access and edit appointment notes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness


Optimize your Practice with Attendance Analytics

Embark EMR provides an automatic tracking system for appointment statuses and cancellation reasons, offering immediate insights for your review. Make informed decisions and improve patient engagement with easy access to comprehensive attendance data

attendance analytics